Nagad88 Official License

Nagad88 is officially licensed by Curacao in Bangladesh. This document allows the company to legally organize online gambling.

Nagad88 has an official license.

Excluded Countries

The license of the Curacao Gambling Commission gives the company the right to accept sports bets and organize online gambling in all countries that recognize this jurisdiction. There are exceptions in their list. The company cannot operate under a Curacao license in the Netherlands, France, Australia, the Dutch West Indies, as well as Curacao.

If you notice that the company violates this rule, you can report it to the Gaming Commission. But make sure beforehand that the site’s legality in this country is not confirmed by another license.

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Waiver of Brand Ownership

The Curaçao Gaming Commission does not own the brands licensed in that jurisdiction. Members of the Commission are not in the management of such sites and do not make any decisions. Therefore, the responsibility for any actions taken by licensed companies falls on their direct management.

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Print Verification System

The print check system design available on this page is an electronic service. You can use it to quickly check what operating status the company is currently in. Any material on the page, including text and graphic content, is protected by copyright laws. This is the intellectual property of the Curacao Gaming Commission. Copying these materials, modifying them, and using them for any purpose without prior approval is prohibited.

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All trademarks, logos and trade names on the page are the intellectual property of the Curaçao Gaming Commission and are protected by copyright laws. The only exceptions are the trademarks belonging to the licensed brand, namely its logo and domain name.

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