Nagad88 Privacy Policy

Any personal information that you provide to us when using the Nagad88 website and mobile version is confidential. We collect and store this data, protect it, and use it in accordance with our privacy policy. All basic principles of working with users’ personal data are described in this document. By registering you confirm that you have read it and accept its terms.

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About Nagad88 Privacy Policy

Personal information is information that confirms the uniqueness of the user. It’s not only first and last name, but also sex, age, country and city of residence, payment details, etc. Some of this information is already available to us after your first visit to Nagad88 official website. Additional data is received when you fill in various forms, activate and wagering bonuses, make deposits and withdrawals, pass verification.

Personal information is collected and processed in accordance with the rules of the global community and the laws of Bangladesh. There are several main purposes that can be achieved through the processing of personal information:

  • Improving the quality of services and providing new game features for users;
  • Compliance with the legal requirements of the countries in which Nagad88 operates;
  • Control of the players’ compliance with the rules of the court and the laws of Bangladesh;
  • Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies;
  • Creating more interesting bonus offers;
  • Analysis of the customer base and potential target audience.

Nagad88 brand guarantees that users’ personal information will not be disclosed, posted in public sources or transferred to third parties. We may use some of the information about users when creating news if a player has received a particularly large winnings. Also the information may be passed to law enforcement authorities if the user is suspected of fraud.

Security of personal data and its protection from leakage and hacking is provided by HTTPS and SSL protocols, as well as by multi-level encryption technology. The risk of information falling into the hands of intruders is minimal.

You can edit and change most personal information through your profile settings. You can also choose not to share personal information with us at any time.

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